(post-election sour grapes by those who really no longer believe in our American system)

Regardless how anyone feels about how or why Mr. Trump ended up as President-elect of these United States, the fact is he was elected to that office, and his inauguration will confirm it. That’s the way our system works.

More importantly, it is supposed to be a unifying moment to put aside the partisan rancor and conflict of the election process. So all those who are still protesting the results of that process, by attempting to organize a massive boycott of the occasion, are not only emphasizing the scope of our national disunity, but also their disbelief in and disdain for our American system. In short, they are no longer Americans…because they no longer believe in it.

As we have often mentioned before, our brand of “democracy” allows us to vote dumb as well as smart. We prove it in every election whether at the Local, State, or National level. We, the people, are the ones who produce the results of such elections, so to moan and groan and cry in our beers about how terrible the results of our choices might be is, to say the least… oxymoronic.

Inauguration day boycotters make us look like just another “Banana Republic”, displaying post-election sour grapes by those who really no longer believe in our American system. That so many of our elected members of Congress are choosing to do so is a sorry display of extreme political partisanship unworthy of having been elected to it. As for all those of our citizens doing so that too is a sorry example of what being “citizens” of this country means.

We didn’t vote for either candidate in this election cycle. We chose someone else whom we thought would do the least amount of damage to the rest of us while in the Oval Office. Nevertheless, you won’t find us protesting in the streets at these results, nor posting diatribes about it in the Social Media universe. Once Mr. Trump is confirmed as President, we will simply exercise our citizenship…by bugging the hell out of every Senator and Congressperson whenever he does something we don’t care for while he’s in office.

That’s the “American” way.