(are always there ready to disrupt any of our collective ceremonial events)

It’s a sad commentary on how much our –America the Beautiful- has declined in terms of general public civility and behavior when participating in important national occasions, such as today’s inauguration of a new President. Even more depressing was the need for a massive display of security forces all around the presidential motorcade in which the newly sworn in President and First Lady were largely made invisible and unable to interact with all the citizens gathered there to celebrate the occasion. For the supposed “democracy” of a grand republic like ours, those phalanxes of security between the “people” and our new First Couple made it seem instead as if this occasion was more like one of those usually made by dictatorial regimes. Such are the times we live in today, where even a Pope, has to be protected behind a special glass shield contraption.

Then of course, we also have our own Brickbat Brigades…always there ready to disrupt any of our collective ceremonial events. They are an element which always manages to worm itself into any form of “protest”, just to have an excuse to engage in as destructive and disruptive vandalism as they can get away with. Their purpose never has anything to do with any particular protest they’ve joined, but rather, is solely aimed at confronting and violently clashing with any police efforts made to quell their activity…the objective being to get arrested for that, so they can later use their arrests to enhance their “street cred” as a twisted form of celebrity among their peers.

As for those actually protesting this event, engaging in raucous street theatrics, shows how these have little or no smarts about how to mount an effective protest about anything. In this instance, if they really had wanted to make a serious point about their extreme dislike for and displeasure about Mr. Trump’s being our new President, there was a much more telling way than the conventional form they used to do so.

Picture this: What if all of those wildly protesting against Trump becoming President had, instead, quietly gathered in large groups all along the barricades lining the inaugural parade route. Then on cue, and in absolute silence, just as the presidential motorcade passed before them, they had en masse turned their backs to it. What sort of impact would such a form of protest have had? It would have been headline news for days on end. Such a massive form of public rejection would also have given the new President pause and something serious to think about in the way he was to govern. As it is, about all we can do now is to wait and see what happens next. Who knows…four years from now we might be wondering…what was all that hullabaloo about?