(…residual victims of Cold War conflicts)

Most people don’t know this but Korean history reaches far back in time when it was, perhaps, the most advanced culture and society in its region, with its influences reaching out to China and Japan in the development of their respective cultures and societies.

In the modern era, however, between violent invasion and occupation, followed by the post WWII geopolitical ideological conflicts of the Cold War, it was torn apart into two Koreas as collateral damage from those conflicts. In that context, both should thus be considered as residual victims of those conflicts, the ripples of which still impact them today, and, which continue to hold both hostage to that divided condition. A condition from which neither can extricate themselves because, the sponsors of it, China and the USA, won’t allow them to do so for fear that a reunified, un-militarized, peaceful Korea will no longer serve their respective ideological and geopolitical interests.

That’s the sad reality which exists for both halves of the Korean people today, despite their common desire to become one common people again. Both North Korea and South Korea thus have that same ultimate goal. The problem however is that North Korea continues to seek to achieve it by force (possibly even more motivated than ever now to use that approach because of what happened in Vietnam), while South Korea, hopes to do so by the example of what it has managed to create for itself as a free, open, and prosperous society. It’s that difference in approach to achieve reunification which has led both to over-militarize themselves, driven by a mutual existentialist fear of each other. It’s a sad commentary on how distorted perspectives always manage to obstruct peaceful resolutions of very unstable situations.

Compounding that instability is the complete impotence of the international community to help resolve the situation. Its calls for further sanctions are ineffective, fire and brimstone Presidential threats have no effect, and other so-called diplomatic efforts have all the characteristics of erectile dysfunction. All of which leaves the world right on the edge and…as the lyrics of a song at the top of the International Music Chart puts it…too close to the line.

So, is there a workable solution, and how or who can put it together? As we’ve suggested before there is…and China and the USA are the only ones who can do so…since these are the principal sponsors of the situation. Both therefor have the obligation to come up with a successful end to it…or face mutual responsibility for the disastrous consequences which will result from their joint failure to do so.

The following is an outline of a possible scenario which could achieve what everyone so desperately wants to see happen. It’s an outline for a phased step by step process:


Phase I.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                China and the USA call for an immediate start of negotiations for a peace treaty between North and South Korea to formalize the truce established between them in 1954. The site of those negotiations to be held in Stockholm Sweden.

The general provisions for such a treaty being:

  • As members of the UN both North and South Korea agree to recognize each other as sovereign entities and establish diplomatic relations with each other.
  • Agree to immediately cease all aggressive or hostile actions of any kind against each other.
  • Agree to proscribe all negative political or propaganda of any kind by any means against each other’s economic, social, or political systems.
  • Agree to demilitarization of the 38th parallel, converting it into a normal international boundary between them, with Panmunjong as the initial portal for normal transit and economic exchanges between them.
  • Upon signature and implementation of this treaty, China and the USA will jointly act as the underwriters and guarantors of it.
  • Immediately upon signature and ratification of the treaty by all four parties to it, both agree to begin Phase II of its provisions.

Phase II

  • Both sides begin to reduce their respective military forces, including all forms of missile weaponry, progressively reducing these over as 5-year period down to a mutually agreed level on par with each other.
  • Concurrently over the same period all foreign forces, advisors, technical advisors, will be withdrawn from both sides, and no importation of any new military supplies, weapon technologies of any kind allowed to be introduced on either side.
  • As underwriters and guarantors of this treaty, China and the USA will jointly oversee this process for that period of time, to insure both sides abide by and comply with these provisions. To that end both will provide the necessary qualified personnel and support requirements for a Sino-American Monitoring Mission, which will have authority to inspect and verify any and all agencies, installations, supply depots, and military bases on either side for that purpose.






Phase III

  • At the end of that period, depending on the progress achieved in Phase II above, both agree to establish a joint Unification Council to consider and devise a plan which will enhance and support the re-unification of Korea as a single sovereign entity.
  • To that end, such a Council will consider the Swiss Federation as a model for that purpose, whereby both the North and South parts will remain as two semi-autonomous if disparate “States” of that entity.
  • To further that objective, Panmunjong will be designated as the official central seat of the new unified entity, with Pyongyang and Seoul retaining their status as the economic and political capitals of their respective “States.”
  • Upon completions of the Council’s plan it will be presented for referendum to be done concurrently by the people of both States.
  • If the referendum achieves an 80% approval, or better, the new sovereign entity of one Korea, will be declared established, and both the existing North and South governing authorities will resign their respective national authority, delegate an equal number from each other to establish an interim national authority, and continue as their respective State authorities.
  • Should the referendum not achieve an 80% approval or better, a 1-year delay will be used before submitting it again, to allow sufficient time to adjust or correct those aspects which were not acceptable the first time.
  • Once approved, and officially confirmed, at that point, both China and the USA will co-sponsor the admission of the new Korean national entity to the United Nations, formally replacing the current memberships of North and South Korea.

Well, none of this may be more than as pipe dream, but at least it offers some more specific ideas on how to resolve the situation there, better than what is being proposed so far by either “Rocket Boy” rattling his missiles, or “Tweeter Don” threating fire and brimstone, while the rest of the international community just goes on with its moans and groans crying…Oh, woe is us! Oh, woe is us!

But what the hell do we know…we’re just an old up through the ranks type who never commanded more than a troop…so such things are way beyond our former pay grade.