(…you just haven’t realized it yet)

There seems to be a ground swell of anti-globalization going on these days. Not just here in America, but everywhere else in the world as well.

What was once hailed as the greatest thing to come down the pike since sliced bread, and the next giant leap forward to enhance world peace and prosperity because of the way everyone would have access to sellers and buyers, no matter how small or large or located in this world they might be. In short, thanks to all these new technologies for communicating, our world would become a better place…and a less conflicted one besides…because now everyone would be getting a piece of the pie (even if some might be getting larger slices of it than others).

We Americans of course jumped into that with both hands…and feet…as did a lot of other folks. Before anyone realized it, however, having a label that said “made in our country” didn’t have much meaning anymore because all sorts of big name brands began shifting their production operations to places where the labor was cheaper, the regulations were less picky about quality, and taxes…were mostly a dirty word…making national “identity” more or less irrelevant, and seemingly headed for the dust bin of history, overwhelmed by the flood of all those profits being made from it. Or so it was thought.

Well, at first, thanks to all those free-flowing and cheaper goodies coming and going all over the place everyone was happy. Then reality hit like a cream pie in our faces. Factories closed here and reopened elsewhere. Jobs migrated away with them. Stores closed, and whole neighborhoods turned into ghost towns…and all those free-flowing and cheap goodies from everywhere else soon didn’t seem worth looking at because…even at their low-cut prices… without work to earn money to pay for them it was like being able to go window shopping but never being able to enter the stores…to buy anything.

So, grumbles about it began to be heard all over the place eventually becoming a loud roar. A roaring push-back against the whole globalization idea which now became everyone’s “economic nationalism” crie-du-jour, with all sorts of names for it…BREXIT in England… anti-Euro on the Continent…America First over here…and so on.

The problem is such emotionally driven so-called “cures” are just as toxic, if not more so, than the globalization virus they want to get rid of.

So, no matter how much bellowing is being made against it…consider this…if you’re on the Internet…browsing hither and yon…emailing, facebooking, twittering, snapchatting, purchasing anything on line, blogging, or venting your furies via social media…you’ve already been permanently “globalized”…you just haven’t realized it yet.