(should never have happened in Vegas)

This latest killing rampage by a lone gunman, shooting down from a top story of one of the major casinos in Las Vegas, to slaughter some 58 people and wound hundreds of others, is just one more horrific act of insanity in an ever-growing roster of such events here.

But what happened in Vegas…should never have happened in Vegas. After all, it is one of our country’s most visited and popular playgrounds…from the elitist of high rollers and big spenders, to those barely able to risk a coin on a dollar slot machine…yet it did. Which leaves us asking ourselves…why?

This was not the act of some deranged or stoned youth, high on crack, or some other so-called recreational drug. It was apparently a carefully and cold-bloodedly planned attack by an otherwise “normal” and reportedly successful 64-year-old millionaire. So, what could have sparked his mind to plan such an evil performance? Unfortunately, he didn’t have the decency to stay alive to tell us what that was, or why, choosing to take the coward’s way out by killing himself instead (apparently some of these maniacs don’t care to share their motives with the rest of us).

Conspiracy buffs will of course latch on to supposedly reported claims by ISIS that this shooter was one of their own. One of their newly recruited converts as a “good soldier” for its cause. Since it has often claimed responsibility for such insanities, just to have bragging rights to make itself seem more powerful than it is, we’re not inclined to that view. It’s just one more sad and troubling event having no real driving motive behind it, beyond just being an example of how the human mind can almost instantly switch from a normal and benign mode, and go off the rails into a perverse killing rampage like this one did.

Another indication of…who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?