(presumably…so does the President’s dog…we hope)

Years ago, a great cartoonist named Peter Arno published a book titled – Fractured French –A hilarious spoof using zany English translations of the French captions accompanying its cartoons. A recent episode which happened while France’s President Macron and his wife were receiving a visiting dignitary and his lady at the Elysee Palace, reminded us of one of our favorites pages in it.

Apparently, President Macron’s recently acquired young dog (a black Lab we think) was prowling around in the background behind the group sitting in their fancy chairs, and caught by the photographer for the occasion while lifting its leg against the elegant fireplace on the back wall of the room. Fortunately, French “savoir faire” handled the situation with proper aplomb…eliciting only a few collective chuckles from all present…while the wayward canine was then hastily removed from their presence.

That favorite page of ours in Peter Arno’s book was the one showing a very prim and proper old lady, a self- gratified smile on her face, with the above caption…Tant Pis Tant Mieux… and the following English translation below it: “My aunt feels much better now that she’s been to the ladies’ room!”

Presumably…so does the President’s dog…we hope.