(…in more ways than one)

Over time birthdays tend to slip by barely making any kind of ripple in the routines of one’s daily life. Today is another one of those, zipping past such a milestone…in more ways than one.

For one thing, we’re now heading into an eighth year of producing our commentaries for this site. While its viewer growth and reach have been modestly steady since it began, with only some poor shmuck as an audience…of one…tasked by NSA to monitor its content, it now has a broader following and reach in some 73 different countries beyond our USA. To what extent any of that has any significance we can’t say…other than being grateful for that fact, and, for thus showing we’ve more or less managed to deal with the complexities of our 21st Century world of “connectivity.”

For another, we’re somewhat bemused by the realization we’ve been around long enough to have seen some 14 Presidents come and go, and now, still present to observe how this newly elected 15th one will perform for the next few years. We suspect that this one, like all the others, will end up with a record neither totally black, nor totally white, but rather, an acceptable mix of…gray…and doing as little damage as possible to the rest of us while he’s in that Oval Office.

Lastly, this particular milestone also herald’s that we’re transitioning from just being an antique version of a geriatric T-Rex, and moving sedately on toward the eventuality of ultimately becoming…archeological. C’est la vie…as they say.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what we’ll encounter as we keep on…keeping on…along that road.