(…it still won’t be…meat)

Sooner or later it was bound to happen.

And it all came about because of that somewhat cannibalistic Orwellian flavored film…Soylent Green…wherein humans who had reach a certain predetermined age limit…where ceremoniously “terminated” and converted into little cubes of nutritional value.

No doubt that imaginative scenario is what led our biochemical geniuses to putter about and tinker with things in their labs over the years, to finally succeed by a bit of latter-day cutting edge “alchemy” to come up with recipes which can replicate natural meat… hamburger meat. An ersatz product of their labs which has all the normal nutritional values of the real stuff, as well as its natural texture, taste, and aroma. Even better, they can now produce it not in just minute laboratory quantities at a time…but by the ton on an industrial scale.

“Mock meat” as some call it is actually now being sold for consumption at various chi-chi restaurants as the latest in-thing (with a commensurate price tag of course), and through various big box market stores such as Whole Foods and Safeway…all without the need for any kind of grass-fed or even feed-lot critters…and whose advocates hype and promote it as being much healthier for us, and perhaps could even save our planet, etc., etc., etc. Their hope from all that being to wean us all away from our primitive dependence on the real thing. That is, to reduce our consumption of live animal meat from cattle, hogs, and so on.

What they seem to overlook here is that we come from a very long, long, line of omnivores with a serious carnivorous bent, so such a weaning effort will be an almost impossible task because that carnivorous bent of ours has become almost hard-wired into our DNA. Another obstacle they face is a universal antipathy these days against anything remotely connected to “genetic engineering”, along with our craze for anything labelled “organic” or “all natural”…and this stuff certainly can’t qualify on both those counts.

Which leads us to wonder why they’ve even attempted to produce such a product. As we see it there may be only two useful applications for it. These are:

  1. As a most effective means to provide rapid aid and relief for any famine crisis anywhere in the world, where rapid deployment of large volumes of food are needed.


  1. As the sustaining food product when Mr. Elan Musk begins his colonizing ventures on Mars…because without an agricultural means there to sustain those colonists, such ersatz nutritional products will be the only way to make such efforts viable.

As for us Earthlings remaining here on our home planet…we’ll probably just stick to the tried and true product we’re used to because in our minds…whether they call it faux or mock…it still won’t be…meat!